Our Services

Profit Enhancement/Building Wealth – We offer a Five-Step Profit Enhancement Program. This program combines business analysis, narrative reporting, strategic owner meetings, employee implementation sessions, and strategic planning meetings to identity all facets of your business model. Simply put, we “get our hands dirty” by working in step with business owners to improve their processes, their profitability and their lifestyle.  

Customer Surveys
– One of our most popular services is conducting Customer Surveys. We work directly with the client to create a Customer Survey specific to their business and its objectives. Skip Corn & Associates will design a customized survey for your business, conduct the survey in a highly confidential manner and present the results for your review while helping incorporate the findings into your business plan.


Customer Service Training – We offer enhanced custom Customer Service Training programs developed for your specific business. High quality customer service is the missing link in most businesses today and anyone focusing on this area will outperform their competition.

Business Financing
– Skip Corn & Associates understands the workings of the financial world in relation to business management. A focus on financing is a cornerstone of a healthy business. We will evaluate your current financing to determine its impact on the cash flow of your business. By evaluating your business capacity, levels of necessary capital and past history we will provide a detailed report and identify multiple options for your financing needs.

Marketing Solutions
– Most business use the “shotgun” method of marketing, “fire it our there and hope it works”.  Skip Corn & Associates works with business owners to develop a marketing plan that is targeted and measureable. Just spending dollars is not the answer, spending dollars in the right place at the right time works.  We will design a plan for your business with intentional goals and objectives: boost your business with existing customers while attracting new business and measure the results.

Team Building
– Our team building workshops provide your company with a vital component to success, employee “buy-in”. By creating an environment where everyone is focused on the business goals and objectives you can improve productivity, lower turnover and add to the financial well being of your business.  Our workshops are highly detailed and designed to make everyone a contributor to your specific business model, products and services.

Leadership Development
– Building on our experience of “hands on” high level management we offer custom workshops to individuals and/or businesses. Our philosophy is simple, at some point and time everyone has to provide leadership whether you are an employee, manager, parent, spouse or friend. Training yourself and your staff as leaders will contribute to the individuals in your company embracing responsibility which in turn contributes to the health and success of the business. Investing in people is a great investment in one’s business.


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