Customer Service Training

Customer Service Training

There has never been a time in recent history when Customer Service meant so much to the survival and success of a business. Customers have the final say in who they do business with and their expectations have never been higher. People today value every dollar they spend and how they are treated will determine if they spend it with you.


One thing all great companies have in common, they deliver outstanding Customer Service! Many times we are so focused on the bottom line we forget to look at how the bottom line is created. The success of a business will be in direct correlation to the quality interaction of its customers and employees. Are your customers treated as the lifeline of your business or as an interruption? When was the last time you focused your time on training staff in Customer Service?  All great companies are relentless in the area of customer service. Quality training will immediately impact your business in a positive way. Ignoring it will too!  


Skip Corn & Associates offer custom Customer Service Training programs designed for your business. High quality Customer Service is the missing link in most businesses and anyone focusing on this area will outperform their competition. Our client list includes the following companies:

  • Retail companies
  • Service companies
  • Golf management companies nationwide
  • Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA)
  • Professional Golfers Association (PGA of America)
  • Club Managers Association (CMAA)
  • Food Industry
  • Franchises


Benefits of Quality Customer Service Training

  • Ensures customer loyalty
  • Increases employee productivity
  • Increase the value of each transaction
  • Improves morale and attitudes of your staff
  • Improves communication between employees and management
  • Increases the employee’s pride in their work
  • Decreases complaints
  • Decreases employee tardiness and absenteeism
  • Decreases employee turnover

Our Customer Service Training workshops are custom designed for your business. They are interactive and fun yet meaningful to your staff and ultimately your customers. Dollars spent in customer service training is a sound investment that pays dividends.


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