Customer Surveys

When was the last time you asked your customers what they think? Do you use customer input to manage your day-to-day operations and aid in developing your future business strategies?

The telling facts-

  • 70% of customers who change businesses do so because of poor service
  • 96% of those customers do so without saying a word, “They just leave.”
  • This is how many businesses die without knowing why
  • If those companies had adequate service, their customers would have never gone elsewhere looking for a higher level of service
  • If they would have known the areas of customer dissatisfaction, they would have altered business practices before losing valued customers

One of Skip Corn & Associates most popular client services is developing and conducting a confidential Customer Survey. By providing this service, our clients accomplish many objectives:

  • A great message is sent to your customers, illustrating that you care about what they think
  • Your business can identify areas that need attention according to the feedback of your current customer base
  • Your business can use this survey to build unparalleled customer loyalty
  • Customer survey results can be incorporated into your future business and operational plans to create higher profits on the products and/or services you currently offer
  • You will be taking a proactive step that very few of your competitors consider

Skip Corn & Associates will design a customized survey for your business, conduct the survey in a highly confidential manner and present the results for your review. We offer the highest level of professionalism, reflecting well on the clients we represent. Our pledge is to help you compose a highly relevant survey that will yield quality and valid conclusions while achieving the maximum survey response rate possible. This simple and inexpensive process has created new customers, greater customer loyalty, increased revenues and enhanced profits for our clients.


What to expect from your customer survey

Among the many aspects Customer Surveys can measure and offer are:

  • Overall customer satisfaction with your products and services
  • Positioning your business in the marketplace
  • Ideas on how to grow your business
  • Interest in new products and services
  • Where to focus your training and development energies
  • Where profits come from and how to build on that information

In summary, Customer Surveys are vital to a healthy business. Successful companies utilize this tool in obtaining feedback about their products and services. Identifying and correcting issues before their customers decide to go elsewhere is critical to any business. Customer survey information gives a company defined goals and objectives while planning for the future and determining how to better serve existing and future customers.


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