Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Building on our experience of “hands on” high level management Skip Corn & Associates offer custom designed workshops for individuals and/or businesses. Our philosophy is simple, at some point and time everyone has to provide leadership whether you are an employee, manager, parent, spouse or friend. Training yourself and your staff as leaders will contribute to the individuals in your company embracing their responsibility which in turn contributes to health and success of the business.


Our workshops teach proven techniques of successful leadership.


What will your company learn from Skip Corn & Associates?

Skip Corn & Associates will teach the managers/workforce in your company definite goals and values that are hallmarks in great leaders. We do not teach just the big picture, but unite the smaller details that encompass great leadership. We will build up the leader in every individual giving them the confidence and the tools to be valuable contributor to your business.  


What is quality leadership?

Quality leadership is many things but most of all it is someone who has followers.  Leaders are not made by name badges; they earn the right to be followed.  We will spend quality time with your staff to introduce and develop leadership skills which they can apply in everyday life.


Here are some of the characteristics of a great leader which will be part of our workshops:

  • Enthusiasm
  • Be a visionary
  • Self-discipline
  • How to handle pressure
  • Be a teacher first
  • Appreciate my fellow worker
  • Recognition
  • Serve to be served
  • How to hire the attitude


Businesses are desperate for quality leaders. Why not bring out the best in your employees? Investing in people is a great business model and offering opportunities for them to grow will benefit everyone involved.

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