Profit Enhancement

Profit Enhancement: Program Overview

Do you find yourself so busy working “in your business” that you forget to “work on your business”? 
You are not alone!


Skip Corn & Associates knows that one goal of every business is to grow wealth by both adding profit and establishing sound operating principles.  Our 5-Step Profit Enhancement Program will do just that.  This is a year long program where we “get our hands dirty” by getting into every facet of your business so we too understand the day-to-day challenges that face the business owner.


The following outlines the components of the program and details how our company assists the business owner and his staff every step of the way. 

STEP 1 Business AnalysisPerformance Evaluation Program
  1. The Financial Analysis is a review of the company’s balance sheets and income statements compared to the Industry norm in areas of:
    1. Sales growth in individual revenue centers
    2. Cost of goods
    3. Inventory systems
    4. Cost containment within operating expenses
    5. Cash flow enhancement (cash, accounts receivable,  inventory and accounts payable)
    6. Company sustainability and growth
    7. Employee productivity
  2. Internal Assessment of Operations in the areas of:
    1. Customer service
    2. Quality of products and services
    3. Production and distribution processes
    4. Capacity
    5. Inventory
    6. Workforce
    7. Quality operations management
  3. Internal Assessment of Management’s overall success in:
    1. Developing organizational structures
    2. Staffing
    3. Strategic planning
    4. Increasing employee motivation to meet the company’s current goals and objectives.
STEP 2 ReportingNarrative Report

Within 45-60 days after evaluating every facet of the company, a complete narrative report will be delivered with Skip Corn & Associates comprehensive findings and detailed recommendations.

STEP 3 Strategy– Owners Meeting

After the completion of our Narrative Report, a meeting will be scheduled with the ownership/management team to review the findings and recommendations detailed by the report. The Narrative Report will be the focal point for discussing strategies and implementing recommendations necessary for profit enhancement.

STEP 4 Implementation – Employee Implementation Session

An Employee Implementation Session follows the owner's meeting. The session with key employees is customized to each company’s recommendations. Strategies to accomplish the agreed upon recommendations will be developed by company employees with our guidance. An organizational structure is developed and job responsibilities initiated to establish team effort and employee accountability. Employee involvement is necessary to accomplish the strategies set by Strategic Planning.

STEP 5  Planning and Monitoring– Strategic Planning Program

The Strategic Planning Sessions include the employee management team established in the organizational phase of the employee implementation session. Skip Corn & Associates Strategic Planning Program session has been uniquely designed to empower employees by developing attainable goals and incentives to motivate employees in assisting the company; therefore, reaching the next level of growth and success. Skip Corn & Associates will closely monitor the company against stated goals and objectives outlined within the Strategic Plan.

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