Marketing Solutions and strategies

Marketing Solutions and strategies

Marketing must be both strategic and measureable. Skip Corn & Associates work with professionals in every facet of marketing and help business owners develop a marketing plan suited to their customer’s needs. Most business owners use the “shotgun” method of marketing, “fire something out there and hope it works”. Skip Corn & Associates will provide your business with a functional, comprehensive, strategic and measurable marketing plan. We will provide customer survey reports to find out what existing customers value about your business. In seeing your business through the customer’s eyes, your company will assess both its strengths and weaknesses. In understanding your customer, your company will find out about your target customer and what creates loyalty.


Determining your marketing methods

We will evaluate your current marketing strategies, their success and economic impact on your business. Our narrative report will help you choose the best methods to market your business and what that message should be.


Marketing methods that boost business with existing customers:

  • Communicating with your existing customers
  • Building trusting relationships
  • Reviewing customers’ needs
  • Encouraging referrals and recommendations
  • Packaging your products
  • Making the most of email marketing


Marketing methods that attract new customers:

  • Building host relationships
  • Using joint ventures
  • Working ‘word of mouth’
  • Educating customers
  • Using events and talks to sell your business
  • Driving business to your website
  • Networking for the right reasons
  • Getting people to pay attention
  • Designing advertising with a “call to action”
  • Using compelling direct mail
  • Developing special offers and incentives


In summary, the world of marketing has changed dramatically over the past 10 years. The traditional outlets have changed and businesses will find that better focused campaigns and strategic spending can have immediate impact on revenues and profits. Our team will use every resource available to develop your marketing plan with one ultimate goal, drive new business while maintaining your current customer base.

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